Cody Allison aka Michael Rendier (rendier) wrote,
Cody Allison aka Michael Rendier

Focus and Flow

Seems that the lesson of this part of my life is focus and flow. Focus and flow. Weird in and of itself, because in order to flow properly, you must be able to do so without focusing on it. You have to just feel it to know it's own way.

I just started learning a martial art. It demands a GREAT amount of focus...a large amount of focus. The forms, the attention to detail of the placement of the body, it's intimate relationships with the parts of the body next to those body parts. Contact Juggling, Poi, and many other forms of this dance I call Life.

Each of these has it's own way. Each of these has it's own form. All of this a minute part of what I could possibly know at such a young age.


but flowing...also means not knowing where you are going...and just trusting to reach your destination.

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