Cody Allison aka Michael Rendier (rendier) wrote,
Cody Allison aka Michael Rendier

The Next Step...

So here's an update for those who have not been in my immediate arena over the past year. I miss and LOVE all of you...even the ones who don't deserve it sometimes.

I moved here October 26th last year...and spent my first halloween at home alone...and found a great solace in my new surroundings. I picked up parkour, in addition to the contact juggling...which has now also become spinning poi and my new hobby, contact staff. Some of these led to an option to begin taking a new Martial Art...Bagua Zhang. Chinese Internal Martial Art...Gao Style. I've gone beyond the focus and flow...i'm well aware how to focus. I've been going with the flow lately, and it's leading me in some pretty incredible directions.

Parkour is an art/discipline where you move quickly and efficiently through your environment, overcoming all obstacles using nothing but the tools of your body. Parkour was developed as an escape methodology and has evolved into a philosophy that is continually changing the lives of the people who begin it's training.

Along with Parkour, came a new friend. Tyson Cecka...who was starting up a non profit organization to help spread the philosophy and discipline of parkour to kids in schools as a viable and low cost option to people with no specific athletic talent. I know how the military changed me...instilling discipline. Now I'm watching these traceurs become self reliant, motivated and socially interactive and athletic. It's teaching them how to overcome any obstacle by continuing to think and correct themselves in order to reach their intended goal. Watching this translate into their life is very hopeful for society.

So Tyson started the Pacific Northwest Parkour Association (PNWPA) and filed for it's tax exempt status. After talking with him a bit and learning more about what he was exactly what i've been wanting to do for so any of you who've known me for years has heard me talking about. I volunteered my time to write a grant and help them with some promotions and event production stuff...taking the company and it's vision to help fight childhood obesity to the companies, schools and families of Seattle.

I've been asked to help with another grant, and have to be at rehersal for a stage show my juggling landed me in this week...opening on the 15th...if i remember correctly.

This new phone i got is beginning to collect my schedule?!?!?!?

My health has been steady. NO HEADACHES! T-cells at 125 since february, but undetectable since then as well! I love accupuncture, hate hills, still don't like the cold...and find the sun coming out to play with me like a best friend...which is really weird...i have a tan...and five pairs of shoes and need new ones already! *shrugs*

The ball is officially rolling for the things that I wanted to do for a living...gather free money for non profit organizations...and show people how one person can and DOES make a difference.

*dives behind the couch*

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