Cody Allison aka Michael Rendier (rendier) wrote,
Cody Allison aka Michael Rendier

Seems i've gone missing

 It was written before as I read it again
A slight to the state that my heart has been in
Built underneath, how i covered the holes
Thought I could fill them by completing goals

It seems that I've almost forgotten inside
Lost in the ways of this new tattered hide
This passion that grows with impunity
With a mind of it's own irregardless of me

Action has spoken, and it's telling no tales
The structure I've built out of thousands of nails
The hollow within seem to howl in the wind
As it's loosing its heat to the spaces within

How I endeavor to name the void left behind
As i see it create all the struggles i find
While I think what I see is from outside in
All I see is myself standing center again.


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