February 26th, 2008


thank you my pimpish friend...horoscopes


Actor Cary Grant said he didn't necessarily advocate making love constantly. "Who can do it all the time?" he asked. "Though I do try." Your assignment in the coming weeks, Scorpio, as revealed by the astrological omens, is to attempt what Grant aspired to: Do the wild thing as much as possible. Get busy before breakfast on the kitchen table and on your mid-morning break in the closet. Duck out of work early so you can get your freak on. Get a hundred more strokes and licks and kisses in before bedtime. Et cetera. And if you don't have a lover to help you out in this noble cause, then boink the wind, screw the sky, hump your dreams, make love to the universe.


Let others know where you stand. Sometimes you say little, but you are better off being open right now. Use care with property, family and a possible leak, literally or figuratively. Be aware of your issues, and others'. Tonight: All smiles.