August 24th, 2008


The Tao of a broken mp3 player

now i almost don't want to go outside. i miss my music so much. danny played my wolfmother on my 'puter last night, and it reminded me of those freezing cold days on the bus to Harborview Hospital to see my doctors...and the days i would brave the cold to go out and juggle on top of seattle.

I remember in atlanta, when i had music in my ears, wandering through town...and it reminded me of all the parts of atlanta that I loved (namely the architecture)...and the moment i took my earphones out...i got an earful of why i didn't like atlanta at all.

now i'm going crazy. my soundtrack is missing. Is it escapist to just want to hear music all the time? It makes so much of the world go by unnoticed...

well...unnoticed by most...i can still hear and taste the emotions in the air.

A channeled entity named Seth once said that weather was the collective result of a specific geographies combined emotions. If that's true, then what does it mean when it always finds a way to shine for me every day? There's already been an inordinate amount of sunshine here...especially by seattle standards...

The spirit here...there is a spirit either behaves a lot like new orleans, or is the same spirit (on a level of the collective consciousness type scale). I'm beginning to think it's the same spirit.

They called egypt worshipers of the sun. Somehow that's what i'm becoming as well...even though i've been a minion of the night for so long...s'the problem with being a taoist. No idea where i'm going...but i know i'll get there.