November 22nd, 2008



So in the inclusion of all this stuff that I have committed to doing...I needed to get something to handle my schedule. In order to handle the schedule, i had an alarm set for myself that would go off every morning letting me know what is going on that day.

I lost that phone. No more alarm. No more schedule. Two weeks later, i've missed a ton of appointments. Nothing that won't be so difficult to get back into the flow of things with...but still. It's brought up an important issue. Slacking.

I become more reliant on other things...other pieces of equipment to keep track of my life. Why I don't just do this myself is beyond me at this point. My mind is more than capable of handling everything that this technology is doing for me. I started relying on an alarm...and now it seems that my internal clock is not being used. That will change. I started relying on a schedule...(albeit i'm going to start keeping it again...but online)...and now i'm left with a hole in my life...where I used to be, that got replaced by some technology...that is now lost. It seems that it took my mind with it.


just another reminder to rely on myself...(though that only works when I don't loose things)

guess all i can do at this point is step up the effort i put into life. Just because I'm happy, doesn't mean i shouldn't put effort into keeping it that way.

i'm usually better than this. I should continue to do so.