Scorpio a la Seattle Stranger

"The reality of love is mutilated when it is removed from all its unreality." So said the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard in his book The Poetics of Reverie. He meant that realism alone is not enough for human beings to live on, especially in our most intimate relationships. We need fantasy to augment the merely factual perspective. We require poetic truths to keep the rational approach honest. Without the play of the imagination, in fact, our understanding of the world is impoverished and distorted. In this spirit, Scorpio, I invite you to be extra daydreamy and imaginative about love in the coming days. Feed your soul and the souls of those you love with experiences that arouse mystery and wonder. (P.S. Nietzsche said: "We have art in order not to perish of truth.

There is something funny going on today...scorpio horror-scopes


Your feelings may feel exaggerated today, and as a result people don't understand what your desires or intentions may be. The onus is on you to clearly explain how you feel lest your frustration deepens. This also has a connotation of some spiritual stress where the meaning of your life at its most fundamental level doesn't quite make sense to you at the moment. Be patient, time tells all stories and certainly won't omit one as interesting as yours. (times-picayune, New Orleans)

You will be happiest where your friends are. Crowds, parties and baseball games or any happening sport naturally seems like the right place to be. Meeting people happens easily. Tonight: Cupid's arrow could hit some of you. Check this person out. (the stranger, Seattle)

You've reached a phase in your astrological cycle when you have special power to expand, deepen, and enhance your web of allies. My advice? Don't just schmooze and party, but rather schmooze and party with an evangelical sense of purpose, taking advantage of the fact that people are more likely than usual to see you as attractive, be sympathetic to your cause, and lend you their support. The connections you forge and the synergetic collaborations you ignite in the next three weeks could be major factors in your success in 2009.
----- -- ---

so the last one is nothing i didn't figure out the other day anyways...

the first two...those bother me...they're so spooky fucking right...


a sureal day...

I went out to cal anderson park to do some contact juggling...with my new chartreuse colored ball. Aside from the slight green tint, it's yellow. It reminds me of the i'm juggling the sun. Today, it showed off it's colors. While I was juggling, I heard and felt the buzzing around my ears...and my hands. So I stopped, expecting to have to shew off a bug. That didn't happen. The bee, landed on my fingers and crawled right up on top of my ball, and began "licking" it...much as an insect can "lick" a ball that is. He just chilled for a few moments, and then took off about two seconds before I got the camera out. I kept mumbling something about "i'm not a flower"...

Then off to the bus, to head up to cowen park for parkour. On my way around seattle central CC...i ended up having to walk under the scaffolding that is up over the sidewalk next to the bus stop...and for a moment, it was like i was wandering through the french quarter again...walking along under the galleries, held up by the supports to the street.


then THAT pair of eyes they passed me on the street...dark, deep and intriguing...and vanished a moment later.

The Tao of a broken mp3 player

now i almost don't want to go outside. i miss my music so much. danny played my wolfmother on my 'puter last night, and it reminded me of those freezing cold days on the bus to Harborview Hospital to see my doctors...and the days i would brave the cold to go out and juggle on top of seattle.

I remember in atlanta, when i had music in my ears, wandering through town...and it reminded me of all the parts of atlanta that I loved (namely the architecture)...and the moment i took my earphones out...i got an earful of why i didn't like atlanta at all.

now i'm going crazy. my soundtrack is missing. Is it escapist to just want to hear music all the time? It makes so much of the world go by unnoticed...

well...unnoticed by most...i can still hear and taste the emotions in the air.

A channeled entity named Seth once said that weather was the collective result of a specific geographies combined emotions. If that's true, then what does it mean when it always finds a way to shine for me every day? There's already been an inordinate amount of sunshine here...especially by seattle standards...

The spirit here...there is a spirit either behaves a lot like new orleans, or is the same spirit (on a level of the collective consciousness type scale). I'm beginning to think it's the same spirit.

They called egypt worshipers of the sun. Somehow that's what i'm becoming as well...even though i've been a minion of the night for so long...s'the problem with being a taoist. No idea where i'm going...but i know i'll get there.